26 February 2010


"Jericho", another great song by Johnny Clegg, whom I mentioned in my previous blog post.

On the outskirts of Berlin, there's a former listening station, abandoned now, just like the Cold War. I went there in the summer of 2009... wasn't too happy with the results I got... went back in winter time and got three decent pictures. Here they are...


Teufelsberg listening station, Berlin, Germany.
February 2010.

Have an awesome weekend... if you got some spare time, maybe you might wanna check out the previous posts from Berlin.

- Dom

P.S.: I'm gonna try to catch up with all your blog posts, I've been quite busy over the last couple weeks. Haven't forgotten about any of you though!  

24 February 2010

Warsaw (1943)

Title of this blog post taken from one of my favourite songs from one my favourite artists of all time, Johnny Clegg's "Warsaw (1943)", which is a tribute to the people who fought in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. World War II, the Third Reich, and Judaism are all not only interesting, but also difficult topics for someone who's got both a German parent and very distant Jewish heritage. I never even spoke openly about this, until recently I decided that everybody who's got a problem with that wasn't worth worrying about.

Anyways, more Jewish things from Berlin - the Jewish Cemetery in winter time, and another picture of the Jewish Museum, showing its beautiful outer cover made of titanium and zinc. Ask your local Chemistry teacher if you wanna find out more about those kinds of things; I just love the architecture.

Berlin, Germany. February 2010.

Enjoy the rest of the week (and don't forget looking forward to the weekend).

- Dom

19 February 2010

Scarborough Fair

Whenever I'm in Berlin, I stay at my friend Rachel's apartment. This time she had brought along a friend of hers from Switzerland. He loves to sing "Scarborough Fair" by Simon & Garfunkel and he's a great model too. The weather was cold and miserable though.


Clemens. Berlin, Germany. February 2010.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

- Dom

16 February 2010

The Sounds Of Silence

Hello there!

Excusez-moi, I know it's been more than 15 days since my last blog post, but university kept me busy. I failed one exam, but I'm pretty sure I passed the other two. And two out of three ain't bad. Fortunately, I'll get another chance to pass the exam on the second date, which will be the 9th of March. 

Anyways, I spent five days in Berlin, visiting friends, making music, going on a tour around some interesting museums, and of course I took lots of pictures.

Here are the first three; I'll be back with more soon. 

I hope you enjoy what you see, and have a great week too!

- Dom

Top to bottom:
Statue of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels; 
Berlin's television tower, nicknamed "Alex"; and the shadow of a street lamp against the wall of the Jewish Museum.