29 June 2011

Long Tall Sally

Rye, East Sussex.
June 2011.
Fore more pictures
of Rye, click here.

I'm planning to head down south to Frankfurt next week - it's been too long since I've last had a beer with my buddy Phil (he's been studying there for a year now), and I'm also planning to visit Heidelberg and the Odenwald with my friend Kaitlyn, who'll be visiting Germany for the first time. 

Blog post title taken from the song by Little Richard.

Have a nice day.

- Dom

28 June 2011

Bed Of Roses

June 2011.

This wonderful cottage with its perfectly kept garden is located opposite Ham Common. To the right of the house there's a footpath that leads to Ham House, which is another nice place you should visit if you're in the area. National Trust members don't need to pay an entrance fee.

I just got back from a date with Sophie, the girl I made apple pie with last month (making apple pie is my preffered activity for a first date - it's totally innocent, but the girl is at my place anyway, so I just have to go with the flow). We went to one of our favourite restaurants, and after dinner we drove down to the Elbe River to enjoy the sunset - there's a development site from which you've got a magnificent view of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall. Before I left to go on the date, I had put two beers in a cool bag and hidden them behind the passenger seat so we could drink them while watching the sunset... she told me it was a romantic thing to do. I've been wooing this girl for two months now and I love how she's not in any hurry.

Blog post title taken from the song by Bon Jovi.


- Dom

Glide Gently

The River Thames.
Richmond. June 2011.

Glide gently, thus for ever glide,
O Thames! that other bards may see,
As lovely visions by thy side
As now, fair river! come to me.
Oh glide, fair stream! for ever so,
Thy quiet soul on all bestowing,
'Till all our minds for ever flow,
As thy deep waters now are flowing.

27 June 2011

Who Says You Can't Go Home

I spent twenty years trying
to get out of this place

I was looking for something
I couldn't replace

I was running away from the only thing
I've ever known

(Bon Jovi)

The white church opposite Ham Common.
June 2011.
Click here for 
an older picture.

June 2011.
Again, click here for a 
picture taken in 2007.

Please take a look at my pictures taken in Dungeness and Rye, too.

Have a great week.

- Dom


Dungeness, Kent.
Abandoned boats.
June 2011.

Days I'll remember all my life
Days when you can't see wrong from right

I bless the light
I bless the light that shines on you

(Ray Davies - Days)

We used to head down to Rye and Winchelsea Beach many times on weekends, but if it hadn't been for a fellow blogger, I wouldn't have known about Dungeness. It was a foggy Sunday morning - Dungeness wouldn't have looked half as good if it had been sunny. 

Have a nice day.

- Dom

All Day And All Of The Night

Rye, East Sussex.
June 2011.

Rye has always been one of my favourite places in South East England. I didn't need to be at the airport before six o'clock, so I decided to visit Dungeness, Rye, and the designer outlet in Ashford.

The blog post title was taken from the song by Ray Davies, who played at Hard Rock Calling this past Saturday. The weather was surprisingly good (it had rained the night before), the sunset was gorgeous, and both Davies and Bon Jovi had awesome setlists. I had a great time and I don't regret having slept only four hours in two days.

More pictures coming soon...

Goodnight, and have a great week!

- Dom

22 June 2011

More Fool Me

Lüneburg, Germany.
June 2011.

My plane to London leaves at 6 o'clock tomorrow evening. I'll be back on Monday.

The day you left
Well I think you knew you'd not be back
Well at least it would seem that way
Because you never said goodbye

(Genesis - More Fool Me)

Take a look at these pictures of the excavation of (and the finds from) the grave of a Celtic princess. 

I hope y'all have a nice weekend!

- Dom

19 June 2011

Reason To Believe

Bardowick, Germany.
June 2011.
Click here and here to see more
pictures of the same building.

Preacher stands with his Bible,
groom stands waiting for his bride

Congregation gone and the sun sets
behind a weepin' willow tree

Groom stands alone and watches the river
rush on so effortlessly,
wonderin' where can his baby be

Still at the end of every hard earned day
people find some reason to believe

(Bruce Springsteen - Reason To Believe)

Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

Northern Germany.
June 2011.

I was on my way home from a friend's birthday party when I stopped to take these pictures... I'd been listening to Genesis while driving along country roads with the windows down... it had been the first sunny day after a week of rain.

Click the following links to see my favourite photographs of the weekend: #1; #2; #3; #4; #5; #6; #7; #8.

Yesterday evening the Big Man passed away. Never again will a saxophone be played so beautifully.


- Dom

18 June 2011

When My Ship Comes In

Bryant Park, New York City.
July 2007. 
Medium format; cross-processed.

In May, I published consecutive blog posts featuring one polaroid and two medium format photographs, respectively. For my most recent blog post this month, I uploaded two previously unreleased polaroids... so I thought I'd upload one more lomographic shot now.
I've been to New York City a few times and there are some places that have a certain appeal to me (such as Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Central) but any time I'm there, I'd much rather spend my time down the shore in Asbury Park.

Winter wind and evening showers
The turning hands
The passing hours
Time's slow river rolling onward
Carries us away

A lonely victim of circumstance
In a world of our own making
A world of chance
One more step in the cosmic dance

When my ship comes in
Riding on the water
I'll be outward bound
I'll begin again on a tide of change
I'll be comin' around

Click here to see Anna Wolf's amazing photographs. I also love these pictures on Flickr. The following link will lead you to a gorgeous range of women's clothing. It took me two months to discover the sneak peak of "Towers Of The Ennedi" on Jimmy Chin's website

Although it's late at night, I have to get back to writing an essay which is due on Monday. I hope to be able to take some new pictures before I'm off to London.

Have a nice weekend.

- Dom

12 June 2011

Black Velvet

Polaroids taken in the U.S.
July / August 2007.
Click here and here for more 
polaroids taken in 2007.

Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell
Jimmy Rogers on Victrola up high
Mama's dancing with baby on her shoulder
The sun is setting like molasses in the sky

I've packed up all my stuff and brought it over to Lüneburg, where I'll be staying at my mum's place for three weeks until I can move into the new apartment. The last few days have been quite busy so I've spent all of today relaxing by the pool and catching up with what's happened on the internet.

Click the following links to view the pictures which have impressed me the most: #1; #2; #3. Click here and here to see funny newspaper headlines. I found this project quite interesting. This clip filmed at El Mirage Lake is awesome. I also enjoyed this animated short movie, which is about a Viking determined to reach Valhalla - the twist ending is brilliant.

I think I'll have lunch at one of my favourite restaurants in Hamburg this week. It's called Tropical Point. They offer a variety of delicious African cuisine and while I was listening to Johnny Clegg the other day, it came to my mind that it's been too long since I've last been there.


- Dom

06 June 2011

The Deep Blue

Hamburg, Germany.
December 2010.

The weather hasn't been too good these past couple days. Instead of taking some new pictures, I thought I'd share this previously unreleased photograph.

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

Blog post title taken from the song of the same name by Rawlins Cross.

I'm currently taking a break from making my next to last presentation. Being a student in Germany isn't always as lemon squeezy as it is in other countries like the kind of ones where you get a diploma because you're a communist party member or because you're related to someone who knows someone... 
Anyway, the semester is over in a month and a half from now. I'm planning to head down to Frankfurt in the first week of July, pick up a friend who's coming over from the U.S., and visit Heidelberg.

In my last blog post I wrote that my friend and I had found an awesome apartment. Today, two days after the viewing, the estate agent gave me a call and told me that we'd got the two-bedroom-flat. We'll get the keys on the 1st of July. Even though we'll have to spend a lot of money on rent it's worth it because I've made the decision to stay in Hamburg. 

A while ago, I'd written to some British and American universities to see who'd accept me for a semester abroad or my postgraduate studies. I was somewhat surprised at the number of positive responses. 
Without a doubt a semester in California or postgraduate studies in Wales are quite tempting and would look good on my CV. However, I'm not the kind of guy who does something just because it'll look good on his CV. Relocating three times in three years is enough, too. Most importantly, however, I like Hamburg... and that's why I'll stay here.

Here are three absolutely stunning portfolios by photographer Adam Jahiel: #1; #2; #3. I also enjoyed these photographs taken by José Picayo.

Have a nice evening.

- Dom

04 June 2011

Old Shoes And Picture Postcards

Hamburg, Germany. Taken in May 2011
and September 2010, respectively.
Click here to see more pictures.

I can see by your eyes
It's time now to go
So I leave you 
To cry in the rain

Though I held in my hand
The key to all joy
Honey my heart
Was not born to be tamed

So goodbye, so long
The road calls me dear
And your tears
Cannot bind me anymore

And farewell to the girl
With the sun in her eyes

Can I kiss you
And then I'll be gone

It was on a 4th of June that I left England, three years ago. By coincidence, I spent this years' 4th of June packing my stuff once again. On the 10th of June, I have to move out of the apartment I've been living in since last December. Me and my friend Julia have already found an awesome apartment and hopefully we'll get it.

Watch this awesome video, which was filmed on the Lofoten archipelago in Norway.

Have a great weekend.

- Dom

03 June 2011

Never Let Go

Hamburg, Germany. June 2011.
Click here for another picture of this
building taken in November 2010.

Blog post title taken from my favourite song by Tom Waits. Take a look at this beautifully filmed video. If you enjoy random pictures, click here.


- Dom