04 June 2011

Old Shoes And Picture Postcards

Hamburg, Germany. Taken in May 2011
and September 2010, respectively.
Click here to see more pictures.

I can see by your eyes
It's time now to go
So I leave you 
To cry in the rain

Though I held in my hand
The key to all joy
Honey my heart
Was not born to be tamed

So goodbye, so long
The road calls me dear
And your tears
Cannot bind me anymore

And farewell to the girl
With the sun in her eyes

Can I kiss you
And then I'll be gone

It was on a 4th of June that I left England, three years ago. By coincidence, I spent this years' 4th of June packing my stuff once again. On the 10th of June, I have to move out of the apartment I've been living in since last December. Me and my friend Julia have already found an awesome apartment and hopefully we'll get it.

Watch this awesome video, which was filmed on the Lofoten archipelago in Norway.

Have a great weekend.

- Dom


Eaton Bennett said...

Hi, I looked at your friends blog. Wonderful inspiration in those photos and her style. Also watched the videos, excellent!

Dominic Doherty said...

It's nice to hear from you, Eaton! And thanks very much for the kind words!

Sy's Prints said...

awesome photos, insane how fast time goes by

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you very much! Yes, it is insane! I only started my blog 15 months after moving to Germany, but it helps me to keep track of what's happened since then. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Emm said...

I love seeing areas in ruin and decay. This looks like a good place for photos!

Dominic Doherty said...

Me too - it is a great place indeed - I went there many times.