30 December 2010

Cold War

Teufelsberg listening station.
Berlin, Germany.
May 2010.

The NSA abandoned the listening station after the end of the Cold War. Wikipedia knows much more about this place than I do. Take a look at these pictures taken at Teufelsberg in February.

Teufelsberg is easily accessible by car, followed by a twenty minute hike through a forest and up to half an hour searching for a hole in the fence. Actually, there are two fences, and occasionally a security guard. However, if you're a tough guy who likes to spend time out in the wilderness, this should be nothing you need to worry about.

This week, there's been some interesting news on the archaeology front - an article on the Israel News website being the one I found the most exciting.

As usual, National Geographic has the most amazing upload of the week - a series of amazing photographs of a giant cave discovered last year.

Blog post title taken from the song by Janelle Monáe.

I hope you have a great start into the new year!

- Dom

27 December 2010

Georgia On My Mind

Ray and the strange blue creature.
Berlin, Germany. 2009.
Picture taken on film.

Along with Ben E. King and Otis Redding, Ray Charles is one of my favourite African-American musicians. Nobody plays the piano like he did.

Something that fits perfectly to the colourful picture above is this crazy design for a Volkswagen van. There are a few other interesting things on the designer's homepage, such as this wonderful shelving system and the typography for the Beirut Exhibition Center.

Have a great week.

- Dom

World Of Darkness

Parking lot, Hamburg, Germany.
December 2010.

No one loves his neighbour here 
Nobody has the time
No one cares for anyone else 
In a world where the sun don't shine

Some sons dream of leaving
While they're young at heart
But few choose the path
Towards the land beyond the dark

(Yusuf Islam - World Of Darkness)

The tracks of the tyres in the snow reminded me of that memorable night before the day of graduation back in 2008. The rain had soaked the football pitch earlier that day, and at night we got into my buddy Phil's car and drove in circles around the goals. We must've felt as if we were going to be young forever. 
However, looking back to this night, I realised that it may have been our attempt to - for one last time - do something really stupid and get away with it. 


- Dom 

25 December 2010

Sun King

This is where it all ends
And the kinda dream that you've never seen

Time was wasted 'cause it's gone too fast
I see the sun begin to shine

(The Cult - Sun King)

Hamburg, Germany.
December 2010.

Last week I picked up a couple rolls of film at the lab. This is the shot I liked most.

I hope all those of you who celebrate Christmas (I don't) have had a peaceful and pleasant weekend.

- Dom

The Beloved

Hamburg, Germany.
December 2010.

Title taken from this wonderful song by Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens. His upcoming European Tour will take him to Hamburg in May 2011; I'll probably go and see his show.


- Dom

24 December 2010

In Too Deep

Hamburg, Germany.
December 2010.
ISO 6400; F 5.6; 1/40 sec.

After one cold week the temperature has risen from -10°C to -2°C, which caused a lot of the ice covering the River Elbe to melt.

I got a delivery from South Africa yesterday... 24 bottles of Savannah Dry cider. If you love English ciders (such as Bulmers Original or Scrumpy Jack) as much as I do, you should give that one a try, too.

As I sat down in front of my computer for my daily dose of education this morning, the National Geographic website provided a both interesting and fun to read article, as well as a quiz.

Title taken from the song by Genesis

Enjoy your holidays!

- Dom

Mansion On The Hill

Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany.
December 2010.

Title taken from the song Mansion On The Hill by Bruce Springsteen. It's one of my favourite tracks on the Nebraska album. In my opinion, the version recorded by The National is even more beautiful than the original. 

Although out of context with the rest of this blog post, I would like to share the transcript of a BBC Radio 3 interview with Don McCullin, who is one of my favourite photographers. For those interested, there's another article in the British Journal of Photography.

I've just come back from driving around for three and a half hours... it was a beautiful night. It had snowed for many hours earlier in the day. Once again, the harbour is the source of this wonderful orange / yellow light, which you might have seen in a few other recent pictures, too.


- Dom

21 December 2010

Crazy Heart

Maschen, Germany.
December 2010.

The marshalling yard in Maschen is another one of those places I've visited more than once.

Listening to music while driving through what I would call "industrial landscapes" at night has been my way to relax ever since I got my driving licence.

Your body aches
Playing your guitar, sweating out the hate
The days and nights all feel the same

Whiskey has been
A thorn in your side and it doesn't forget
The highway that calls your heart inside

Your lover's warm kiss
It's too damn far from your fingertips
You are the man that ruined her world

(Jeff Bridges - The Weary Kind)

The temperature has hit -10° Celsius two nights ago. Thanks to the lovely weather over the last couple days, I'm not too disappointed not to be in Scotland right now... I think I'll get up early tomorrow and catch the sunrise.

Today's the first day I've got internet at my new place, so I'm still busy trying to catch up with what's happened during the past couple weeks. Two websites that never fail to amaze me feature a lovely series of photographs and a very short, but very beautiful film.

For another recent picture, check out this blog post.

Have a great evening.

- Dom

Candy's Room

Motel Hamburg.
December 2010.

She says baby if you wanna be wild
 you got a lot to learn

Close your eyes, let them melt, 
let them fire, let them burn

Cause in the darkness there'll be
 hidden worlds that shine

When I hold Candy close
 she makes these hidden worlds mine

(Bruce Springsteen - Candy's Room)

It's Only Teenage Wasteland

Abandoned engine shed, Hamburg-Veddel.
Germany. December 2010.

Before I visited this place for a second time, demolition work had already caused the disappearance of several buildings and facilities I captured on film during my first visit. In September, I came back for a third time. The reason for my fourth trip down there is my fondness for abandoned places. In addition, I enjoy visiting the same places during different seasons.

I Want The World To Stop

Freehold, New Jersey.
July 2007.

Sometimes I wish architecture wouldn't have changed since the 1950's. In my opinion, there's nothing better than vintage neon signs and American diners.

Freehold is the town Bruce Springsteen grew up in. It's just thirty minutes away from my favourite place on the Jersey Shore, Asbury Park.

Title taken from this song by Belle & Sebastian.

19 December 2010

I Didn't See It Coming

Hello there!

I had intended for my trip to begin and end at Hamburg Airport. However, I had no intentions to come home only eleven hours after leaving for the airport.

Due to the weather conditions in and around Amsterdam, Dutch airline KLM cancelled both the flight from Hamburg to Amsterdam and the connecting flight to Edinburgh. They gave me two British Airways tickets instead. 

Before I found out late at night that Heathrow had been closed down completely, I had already heard that BA cancelled the onward flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh. 

If I had made it to London at least, I could've taken the train from Euston railway station to Glasgow Central and been there in time for the Runrig concert at the Barrowlands - my plan had been to take the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow on Saturday morning. 

After eleven hours at the airport, I took the subway back to my flat. I made some phone calls on the next day (Saturday) and realized the situation hadn't changed; Heathrow remained closed. 

The Daily Mail website features extensive coverage on the subject.

My buddy Paul on top of Eden Walk car park.
Kingston upon Thames. 2007.

Blog post title taken from the song of the same name by Belle & Sebastian.

Have a great evening.

- Dom

14 December 2010

Hungry Heart

Route 66, Southern California.
June 2009.

I'm planning to buy an American muscle car before I'm thirty, and drive around the States for one or two months before having it shipped to Europe. There's a grey area of the German law which makes it possible to import a car free of duty, if it's true what I heard. 

I have never seen one.
But I have heard they exist
in the minds of some people.

(Thor Heyerdahl)

Run Like Hell

Beelitz Sanatorium.
Located near Berlin, Germany.
January 2009.

Title taken from the song by Pink Floyd, from their masterpiece The Wall.

10 December 2010

Goodbye Blue Sky

Hamburg, Germany. 
December 2010.

I still don't have access to the internet at the new place... the guy from the technical support said they're gonna come over on the 21st, the day I'm back from Scotland. So I guess I'll have plenty of time after my trip to catch up with everyone else's blogs and reply to my emails. I'll be able to read and reply to your comments on my mobile phone though.

I'd like to say a big "welcome" to my new followers. I hope you like the photographs you see on this blog.

Have a great weekend!

- Dom

Where Dreams Are Found And Lost

Las Vegas, NV, USA. June 2009

In January 2011, one of my best friends from London, who moved to Berlin after we graduated, will leave Europe for a semester abroad. He'll be living and studying in New York City and if I'm going to make enough money until the summer, I'll visit him there and go on a week-long road trip with him. If that's gonna work out, I could visit another friend in Ohio, too.

The girls I'm living with - I've got two flatmates - will be going home for the entire Christmas break. They'll be back in Hamburg on the 3rd of January. Fortunately, my other best friend Freddy is coming over to Hamburg so we'll have time to sit down together and take a look at the road maps I bought. This year we had no time to go on a trip somewhere, but in 2011 I'll have a lot less on my schedule.

We Don't Have The Power But We Never Say Never

Hamburg, Germany.
December 2010.

It's been snowing every day for the past week. 

The flat is now fully furnished; everything fits into the bedrooms and thank goodness, none of my records broke! I woke up to a beautiful sunset today.

There's some more work to be done and the last week of university this year is coming up - after that, I'll be in Scotland from the 17th to the 21st. 

03 December 2010

Let Us Die Young Or Let Us Live Forever

Somewhere in Lower Saxony, Germany. 
November 2010.

Two days ago, my flatmates and I got the keys to our apartment. My alarm went off a 5:30 yesterday morning and I've been awake since then - some 40 hours now. It was well worth it though: We're done painting the bedrooms, so we can move the furniture in tomorrow. Unfortunately, we won't have internet access until at least the end of next week, so I don't know how soon I'll get a chance to check out your new blog posts or reply to comments. However, I'll probably head over to my mum's house a couple times to keep in touch with the rest of the world until our internet is fixed.

I'm going to pack up the rest of my stuff now; we'll begin loading the furniture onto the van at 9 o'clock sharp tomorrow morning.

In a fortnight at this time of day, I'll be in Edinburgh already.

Check out my buddy Steven's new blog, which is dedicated to all the ladies out there (no doubt she is my favourite), and occasionally, a photographer such as myself. Thanks a lot, bro!

Have a nice weekend!

- Dom