18 December 2009

Chimes Of Freedom

Greetings from cold northern Germany! It's much colder than in London at the moment. The thermometer in my car said it was minus ten degrees centigrade, or "Celsius" as the Germans say, today. Yesterday was my last day at university in 2009. I went there again today though to research a few things at the library.

Hopefully I'll be completing the homepage with Marc soon... after all, it took us long enough to give birth to that baby! 

Here's a long exposure taken earlier today in a nice little town called Bardowick, near Lüneburg, Germany.

Have a splendid weekend, and drive safely!

- Dom

06 December 2009

Ballad Of Easy Rider

Ballad Of Easy Rider, one of the great two minute songs by The Byrds.

Picture taken yesterday at "Hamburger Dom", a huge local fair in Hamburg. I don't like being in places like that for too long at a time (too many people around), but despite that and even though it rained it was an interesting opportunity for photos.

I've just finished talking on the phone to my web designer friend. We think we can get this website up and running - FINALLY!!! - tomorrow or on Tuesday. Tuesday, the 8th of December, that is. Not next year!

Furthermore a note to my friends and everyone else who read this blog: If you don't have an account on blogspot or google or something, please create one, it'd be nice to have more followers showing up on my list - this would increase popularity. Go tell your friends too! Thanks so much all of you, and have a great week!

- Dom