24 July 2011


Motel room.
July 2011.

Through the mansions of fear
Through the mansions of pain
I see my daddy walking through
them factory gates in the rain

Factory takes his hearing
Factory gives him life
The working, the working,
just the working life

(Bruce Springsteen - Factory)

Have a nice weekend.

- Dom

Where Do We Go From Here

Top: Closed confectionery.
Bottom: Excavation site.
Germany. July 2011.

I've had a stressful week at work, but it's been a lot of fun. I'm not allowed to say much about the excavation. There's not much to talk about anyway. We didn't find many things... just a few broken pieces of pottery and traces of charcoal. We start working at seven o'clock in the morning; finishing time is half past three. Since we're staying in a village in the middle of nowhere, there's absolutely nothing to do.

Blog post title taken from the song by Jimmy Walker from the Vanishing Point - soundtrack.

17 July 2011

Shoot To Thrill

1st picture: remains of hill fort
2nd picture: country road
Lower Saxony, Germany.
July 2011.

On Friday, me and a few fellow students went on a field trip to Stade. The historic centre of Stade is beautiful. There's a great museum and lots of timber-framed houses. Later that day, we burned down country roads listening to AC/DC until we reached the remains of a 7th century - hill fort, followed by a visit to a number of megalithic graves. The weather was miserable but it was well worth the trip.

I got a call from the excavation firm. Tomorrow at half past seven, I'm going to meet up with the team at a railway station in the middle of nowhere. I've packed my duffel bag and my gear and I can't wait to start digging.

Here are some of my favourite finds of the weekend: A documentary about an amazing illustrator; the best food blog I've ever seen; and last but not least, two great buildings (#1 - #2).

Blog post title taken from the song by AC/DC.

Have a nice week.

- Dom

13 July 2011

You Shook Me All Night Long

Bardowick, Germany.
July 2011.

We've moved into the new apartment last Saturday. Unfortunately, we still don't have internet access. Luckily there's still enough work to get done so I won't get bored. Pretty soon, I'll be posting on a more regular basis again.

Blog post title taken from the song by AC/DC.

Have a nice week.

- Dom

04 July 2011

4th Of July

New York City.
4th of July, 2009.

You were pretty as can be
Sitting in the front seat
Looking at me
Telling me you love me
And you're happy to be
With me on the 4th of July

We sang Stranglehold to the stereo
Couldn't take no more of that rock 'n' roll
So we put on a little George Jones
And just sang along

(Shooter Jennings - 4th Of July)

Have a great week.

- Dom

03 July 2011

Last Goodbye

The plane takes off in the clear blue sky
Life's a long lost list of last goodbyes

(Runrig - The Cutter)

This is what the excavation site that I'd been working at last summer looked like on the 1st of July. Compare the picture above to the one below (taken in mid-October from the opposite side of the area).

I'm supposed to start work on the 18th of July. I'll be working for an archaeological excavation firm. As of now, I don't know where the site is at, but I'll be told soon.
The archaeologist and supervisor I've worked with last year haven't assembled a team so far, so I spent Friday helping out at the site. It was fun to be back. 
I can't wait to start digging full time again.

Have a nice day.

- Dom

01 July 2011

Going Home

Rye, East Sussex.
June 2011.

In the distance day was dawning
Comes to me the early morning
Something tells me that I'm going home

The brand new sun shines bright
From the darkness fields of light
Something tells me that I'm going home

Soft the rain is gently falling
Lightly 'cross the city morning
I get the feeling that I'm going home

(Runrig - Going Home)

This is the last picture from my recent trip to England that I'm going to post. I haven't taken many pictures, and no long exposures at all. The next time I visit England, I'll go by car so I can get more out of my stay. There's a great many places I haven't visited since I've got the 5D Mark II.
I'd love to spend a whole week camping in Dartmoor, going hiking in the daytime and taking long exposures at night. I might visit Dartmoor during this year's winter break.
If you would like to see amazing photographs taken in and around Dartmoor, click here and here.

Firth Of Fifth

Dungeness, Kent.
June 2011.
Click here for more pictures.

Looking out on all that's been
On all that is 
And all that's beyond time

Here's where the world was sown
All that's grown 
And all that's passed like ghosts

(Runrig - Empty Glens)

The sands of time were eroded by
The river of constant change

(Genesis - Firth of Fifth)