23 November 2011

Wonderful Remark

Docklands office building.
Hamburg, Germany.
November 2011.
Click here to view a
photo taken in April 2011.

Radisson Hotel.
Hamburg, Germany.
November 2011.

How can we ever feel the freedom
Or the flame lit by the spark
How can we ever come out even
When reality is stark

Listen, how can you tell us something
Just to keep us hanging on, yeah
Something that just don't mean nothin'
When we see you, you are gone

Clinging to some other rainbow
While we're standing waiting outside in the cold
Telling us the same sad story
Knowing time is growing old

That was a wonderful remark
I had my eyes closed in the dark

(Van Morrison - Wonderful Remark)

The past one or two weeks have been very foggy. I've been busy doing this and that, but tonight I felt like driving around for a while, and I took my camera along. 
My application for a job at a coffee shop was successful - the boss and the rest of the team are wonderful people and really easy to get along with.
Speaking of the Boss, Bruce Springsteen will be on tour in 2012... I'm not going to miss the European leg of that tour... a new album will be released, too.
Last but not least, two friends from school, one of whom is now living in Dublin, suggested that three and a half years after leaving school we should gather as many of our classmates as possible and that we should all hook up on New Year's Eve. The city of choice is neither London nor Dublin though, but Berlin. A certain percentage of our international circle of friends (an Argentine, a German, and a Swiss) all moved there. If I do decide to celebrate New Year's Eve with my old friends instead of my new ones, I'm sure we'll live it up, and we'll probably do a few things that we'll never live down. I might just as well stay in Hamburg though, for I would never have thought that I'd make such good friends in another place, and it is here that this only child has found the family he always would've loved to have had. You might say that they're just close friends, but it's as close to a family as it gets.


- Dom

16 November 2011

Fisherman's Dream

Hamburg at night.
Germany. November 2011.

What happened to the fisherman's love
Was it nowhere to be found
What happened to the love of the fisherman
When it drove him to the high, high ground
What happened to the love of the fisherman
When they drove that last nail down
What happened to the fisherman's love
When they laid him in the ground

Tell me, did it fade away?
Did it fade on down to the ocean?
Did it fade away?
Did it fade on down to the sea?
To the ocean and the sea

As I roved by the dockside
One evening so rare
To view the still waters
And take the salt air
I heard an old fisherman singing this song
O take me away boys my time is not long

Dress me up in me oilskin and jumper
No more on the docks I'll be seen
Just tell me old shipmates
I'm taking a trip, mates
And I'll see them someday in Fiddler's Green

Take a look at the work of the following artists: Native Vermont; Conrad Roset; Raphael Bourelly. Last but not least there's a blog called Street Art London.

Have a nice day.

- Dom

14 November 2011

All Things Must Change

Autumn leaves.
November 2011.

Now the cars come like rivers
Night comes like madness
Songs come like trains
Headlights flash in the darkness
Memories twist in the rain

And we feel those flickering moments
like silk they're the flags of our days
And the past is only the part of life
we've thrown away

(Runrig - "All Things Must Change")


- Dom

One Thing

Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany.
November 2011.
Click here to see another photo
taken in the Speicherstadt-area
which I published in October.

The picture is painted,
the colours are bold
One for each season 
of life I suppose
It no longer matters,
the story is told
It's not going to change a thing

(Runrig - "One Thing")

The Speicherstadt-area is one of my favourite parts of Hamburg - the other being Blankenese with its beaches and a couple lighthouses, and the Schanzenviertel, where there's always something going on. If you've never been to Hamburg, you should come over for a visit - you're going to love it.

I'm going to sign out now - there's a box of donuts waiting for me in the kitchen.

The Wild Hunt

Ahrensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
November 2011.

Howling beasts
And unearthly cries
One-eyed riders
Stones of skies

Though I was young that night
Never once did I fear

(Steve Von Till - The Wild Hunt)

The Wild Hunt is not only the title of the song quoted in this blog post, but also the name of an ancient folk myth. Click here to find out more.

The planked footpath winds through one of Stellmoor's bogs. It's slippery when wet, but a great place to go for a hike. Stellmoor is located just a few miles north-east of Hamburg. 

Have a great week.

- Dom

13 November 2011

When The Music's Not Forgotten

Pumpjack, near Hamburg, Germany.
November 2011.

In a dream
That I had not long ago
Visions of 
A city made of gold
And a sound
That I never heard before
Such a sound
Saturating to the core
Such a sound
One that could not be forgotten

In a time
When the music's not forgotten

I just noticed that it's been a long time since I last published a sepia-toned photograph... so here it is. Yesterday, I changed the layout of this blog... let me know if you like it.

I hope it's a lovely day wherever you may be.

- Dom

11 November 2011

The Promise

Hamburg, Germany.
November 2011.
60 seconds.

Johnny works in a factory and Billy works downtown
Terry works in a rock and roll band
Lookin' for that million-dollar sound
I got a little job down in Darlington
But some nights I don't go
Some nights I go to the drive-in
Or some nights I stay home

I followed that dream just like
those guys do up on the screen

And I drive a Challenger down Route 9
through the dead ends and all the bad scenes

And when the promise was broken,
I cashed in a few of my dreams

(Bruce Springsteen - The Promise)

Here's what I liked this week: A series of photos taken in Iceland, a beautiful short film about motorcycling, a blog with links to unreleased songs by Bruce Springsteen, two photostreams on Flickr (#1; #2), and a designer light bulb.

Today, I handed in my letter of application and CV at a coffee shop in one of the better areas of Hamburg - I've worked as a waiter before, so I'd be happy to get that job. I also had cake and pie at a friend's birthday party. On my way home, I stopped by the power plant to take that photograph. It's the 11th of November 2011, the 315th day of the year (which means that there's exactly 50 days left), and there's a full moon shining above our earth today.

Earth below us
Drifting, falling
Floating weightless
Calling, calling home

Across the stratosphere
A final message: "Give my wife my love"
Then nothing more

(Peter Schilling - "Major Tom")

Goodnight, and have a nice weekend!

- Dom

08 November 2011

Something In The Night

Garage, Lüneburg, Germany.
November 2011.

You're born with nothing,
and better off that way
Soon as you've got something,
they send someone to try and take it away

You can ride this road 'till dawn,
without another human being in sight
Just kids wasted on
something in the night

Nothing is forgotten or forgiven
when it's your last time around
I got stuff running 'round my head
that I just can't live down

(Bruce Springsteen - Something In The Night)

Check out these blogs if you're interested in off-road driving and road trips (#1; #2). I have to admit, I love the planning phase of a trip just as much as the actual trip... spending my time looking through those pictures makes me want to get out on the road... any road, really.


- Dom

Under Your Spell

Hamburg, Germany.
November 2011.

Inspired by Roman Bezjak's photographs of the brutalist architecture of the Soviet Union... with my own photographic style and, contrary to Bezjak's pictures, taken at night.

Blog post title taken from the song by Desire.

Have a great week.

- Dom

06 November 2011


I haven't posted anything here for a week, so here it goes...

Last Tuesday, a friend and I went to see the amazing short films of this year's European Outdoor Film Tour. The program is made up of ten films. The ones we liked best were "Baffin Babes", which was about a group of four women who spent 80 days in the arctic, "Dark Side Of The Lens" by Irish photographer Mickey Smith, and "Kadoma", the story of an expedition which South African kayaker Hendri Coetzee did not survive. 

Also, last week I decided that I'm going to continue studying archaeology, and that is a final decision. I had published a blog post in October which I have since deleted... back then, I said that I'm not planning to work as an archaeologist... instead I'm thinking about starting on-the-job training next year or the one after next to become a mechanic (cars and motorcycles are another passion of mine). 
I've given it a lot of thought and even though I still think it'd be nice to work as a mechanic, I now believe that I might regret not getting that Bachelor of Arts degree. I've got an IQ of just under 130 and it'd be a shame if I didn't make something out of it.
So if everything goes well, I'll graduate in the summer of 2012. By then, I'll have spent four years in the Hamburg / Lüneburg - region... I'm planning to stay in Germany... but I might move to another city. 
I'm not going to lie though - it took my two best friends to convince me that it'd be a mistake to quit studying. I'm grateful to have such friends that don't encourage me when I'm about to do something stupid but get me back on track.

Lastly, after 10 days as a pizza delivery guy, I decided to quit the job. I was forced to work 11 hours on Friday and 12 hours on Saturday, and as I changed a flat tyre late at night, I wondered if I needed the money that much that I had to work under such conditions... and whether I would want to work another 12 hours on Sunday too... and the answer was a "no".

The weather has been miserable this past week, but I hope to be able to upload new photographs soon.

Blog post title taken from the song of the same name by Kavinsky.

Have a nice day.

- Dom