11 November 2011

The Promise

Hamburg, Germany.
November 2011.
60 seconds.

Johnny works in a factory and Billy works downtown
Terry works in a rock and roll band
Lookin' for that million-dollar sound
I got a little job down in Darlington
But some nights I don't go
Some nights I go to the drive-in
Or some nights I stay home

I followed that dream just like
those guys do up on the screen

And I drive a Challenger down Route 9
through the dead ends and all the bad scenes

And when the promise was broken,
I cashed in a few of my dreams

(Bruce Springsteen - The Promise)

Here's what I liked this week: A series of photos taken in Iceland, a beautiful short film about motorcycling, a blog with links to unreleased songs by Bruce Springsteen, two photostreams on Flickr (#1; #2), and a designer light bulb.

Today, I handed in my letter of application and CV at a coffee shop in one of the better areas of Hamburg - I've worked as a waiter before, so I'd be happy to get that job. I also had cake and pie at a friend's birthday party. On my way home, I stopped by the power plant to take that photograph. It's the 11th of November 2011, the 315th day of the year (which means that there's exactly 50 days left), and there's a full moon shining above our earth today.

Earth below us
Drifting, falling
Floating weightless
Calling, calling home

Across the stratosphere
A final message: "Give my wife my love"
Then nothing more

(Peter Schilling - "Major Tom")

Goodnight, and have a nice weekend!

- Dom


T. Becque said...

Like the list of daily activities! :) Cake is always good. Love, love the light in your photo.

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like that picture... I've wanted to capture the smoke in a long exposure for a long time now.

Emm said...

What a beautiful photo. So you used a minute's exposure for it? Wow, and the rest of it is so clear. Impressive. Good luck with the job - I often think one day I'll work in a pub again.

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you! Yes - if you ask me, the beauty of long exposures is that you don't capture one moment in time, but a period (60 seconds, 20 minutes, 3 hours, ...) in a single photograph.

moi said...

thank you! my bf thought that it would look pretty cool as a album cover. he wanted to do something simular with 3D. guess it would look cool as a tattoo to, maybe on the back or something..

Dominic Doherty said...

Yeah, I'm sure it would look great as an album cover too!

Brooke said...

That photo almost looks a little bit sci-fi.

Cake is awesome. I had some today too! 3 birthdays within one week of each other for me this week so I'm definitely getting my fill. <3

Dominic Doherty said...

Yeah, I love cakes, pies, and also cookies and muffins. We have some really delicious ones at the coffee shop.