18 August 2012

Sweet Little Mystery

Just that sweet little mystery that breaks my heart
Just that sweet little mystery makes me cry
Oh that sweet little mystery that's in your heart
It's just that sweet little mystery that makes me try

(John Martyn - Sweet Little Mystery)

Hey there... 

You might have noticed that my blog has been invisible for a few weeks. Let me explain the reasons.
I've never before had a more busy work schedule than the one I've had in the past few weeks, working an average of 30 hours at my first job and 15 at my second job. There's no end in sight either. 
Also, there were things in my private life that needed sorting out. 
I was involved in a car accident last year, and even though it's been more than a year now, the case isn't over yet, and it's been wearing me out because I'm not the person responsible for the accident. 
Furthermore there has been this woman I've mentioned in a few previous blog posts - one of my regular customers, the first whose preferred drink I remembered. We went out a couple times and we got along fantastically. Last Sunday, however, I found out that she thought I was in a relationship already... and that she saw me as a friend. She couldn't believe that a guy as nice and respectful as me was single. That's what you get for being a gentleman who treats women well? I'm not gonna lie... I'm disappointed. I still think she's a wonderful person, so I'd rather be her friend than not get to spend time with her at all.
Last but not least, I still haven't written and handed in my essays and papers for university, and the deadline is the last day of September.
I've been so uninspired I contemplated deleting my blog. I haven't taken a picture in weeks, except for some iPhone snapshots. I deactivated my Facebook account already. But I don't think I'm gonna delete this blog... because this blog has been like a diary to me for the past few years. All the places I've been to, the photographs I've taken, the music that's inspired me, the articles I've read... it's all there for me to look back on now and in the future.

I hope to be able to post new pictures soon, and please understand that I've been too busy to keep up with your blogs. I hope to make up for it soon. 

Have a good weekend.

- Dom