10 December 2010

Where Dreams Are Found And Lost

Las Vegas, NV, USA. June 2009

In January 2011, one of my best friends from London, who moved to Berlin after we graduated, will leave Europe for a semester abroad. He'll be living and studying in New York City and if I'm going to make enough money until the summer, I'll visit him there and go on a week-long road trip with him. If that's gonna work out, I could visit another friend in Ohio, too.

The girls I'm living with - I've got two flatmates - will be going home for the entire Christmas break. They'll be back in Hamburg on the 3rd of January. Fortunately, my other best friend Freddy is coming over to Hamburg so we'll have time to sit down together and take a look at the road maps I bought. This year we had no time to go on a trip somewhere, but in 2011 I'll have a lot less on my schedule.