28 June 2011

Glide Gently

The River Thames.
Richmond. June 2011.

Glide gently, thus for ever glide,
O Thames! that other bards may see,
As lovely visions by thy side
As now, fair river! come to me.
Oh glide, fair stream! for ever so,
Thy quiet soul on all bestowing,
'Till all our minds for ever flow,
As thy deep waters now are flowing.


DeeBee L. said...

Like this one very much!

Jenny Woolf said...

The Thames is a fascinating river, I wrote a long article about it once, interviewing people who lived along it. Followed it as far as Reading on the bike a couple of weeks ago.

Sy said...

another beautiful shot ;-)

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you for your comments, ladies. I'm glad you enjoyed this one, because it's my favourite part of the Thames. The tiny island in the left is the one you can see from Richmond Hill, which used to be one of my favourite places to sit and watch the sunset.

Brooke said...

Im such a huge sucker for clouds. I find myself staring at them and all their crazy formations more often than anyone else I know lol lovely shot!

Dominic Doherty said...

Photography-wise, I love clouds too - blue or grey skies look so boring compared to cloudy skies.