19 March 2010

Peaceful Easy Feeling

"Peaceful Easy Feeling", one of those nice old songs by the Eagles.

I have been absent without leave from this blog for quite a while... 
Here's my excuse: Even though I passed both exams of my major subject, I failed the one for the minor. I expected this to happen because I didn't study for it at all; I had to take all three exams within one week so I decided to concentrate on the exams for my major, knowing I'd get a chance to resit the other one I was gonna fail. I passed at the second attempt on the 9th of March. Then I had to hand in an essay on relative chronology and dating methods on the 15th.

Now I'm off-duty until the start of the summer term. I'm spending most of my time just relaxing and hanging out and waking up late because there's no bank holiday weekends and no half term either over here in Germany. One of the reasons why I'm going to move back to the UK after the sixth semester. Maybe, that is. 

Anyway, yesterday was the first beautiful and sunny day since... last year? I think so. I made a trip to a nice small town that I passed through several times when I drove to Berlin. It's called Lauenburg. There's a lot of beautiful 16th and 17th century timber-framed houses. Kind of reminded me of one of my favourite places in England: Rye (East Sussex). There's a harbour and a lot of restaurants and old people - actually, I didn't see any young people at all.

Lauenburg, Germany. March 2010.

Have a great weekend everyone!

- Dom


Kilauea Poetry said...

This series is fabulous Dominic!! Awesome lighting and color!
Glad your having a nice break, I'm sure you deserve it!
My best, Regina-

Anonymous said...

du hast das sehr originell fotografiert ... !!!

Dominic Doherty said...

@Kilauea: Thanks a lot Regina! I'm keeping an eye on your blog, even though I'm not always leaving a comment, due to that problem with my browser that doesn't always let me post comments unless the comment box opens as a pop up window. Still haven't fixed that. Have a great weekend!

@LUMAHO: Danke Manfred! Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt. Schönes Wochenende wünsch ich.