30 January 2011

This Is England

The Yarmouth Belle. 
Richmond upon Thames, UK. 
April 2007.
Medium format.

This is England
This knife of Sheffield steel
This is England
This is how we feel

This is England
What we're supposed to die for
This is England
And we're gonna cry no more

I sit in and dwell on faces past
Like memories seem to fade
No colour left but black and white
And soon will all turn grey

But may these shadows rise to walk again
With lessons truly learnt
When the blossom flowers in each our hearts
Shall beat a new found flame


rockmetoharmony said...

I think it's the amount of MB.. not sure though.
Thanks, I'm working on it :)

Dominic Doherty said...

You're welcome. I'll check out your new blog soon.

T. Becque said...

LOVE both of those bands!! I was surprised at how multi-cultural London is when I was there a couple of years ago. Not that that's bad, I was just looking for the "Englishness" (I think I just made that word up). Are other parts more traditionally "English"?

Dominic Doherty said...

T. - I could go on for hours about that topic! :-) I'll send you an email.