23 February 2011

Rocket To The Moon

Lake District, 2005.
Golden Gate Bridge, 2009.
35mm film.

Here hangs an open landscape
A wild and huge frontier
From a harsh and barren wasteland
Through the grave to the promised field

You came, you trapped, you charted
You laid the railroads and the schemes
And you tamed this land by enterprise
And by the power of your dreams

But you made this clan great
And you made this nation bloom
And you rose with your people
Through the new world
Like a rocket to the moon

(Runrig - Rocket To The Moon)


Anonymous said...

beide sind klasse ... aber das obere spricht mich noch mehr an ... ohne begründung :-)

Dominic Doherty said...

Das obere ist sehr alt, ich habe es am Wochenende in meinem Archiv entdeckt. Ich weiß heute noch, dass das ein fürchterlicher Tag zum Wandern war - Hagelsturm und heftiger Regenschauer. Aber danach klarte der Himmel vereinzelt auf und die Sonne schien zwischen den Wolken durch. Herrlich...

Brooke said...

nice lyrics... and beautiful photos! it took me a minute to realize that they were in two completely different parts of the world. both of which i want to visit badly!

Dominic Doherty said...

Thanks. The lyrics are about the English/Irish/Scottish emigration to America. I'd heard the song earlier. So this time, I chose the pictures from my archives to go along with the song, not the other way round.