26 March 2012

The Mighty Atlantic

Rügen, Germany.
September 2010.

The roll of the wind
As we sail across the water
The roll of the sea
As we're taken through the night
The dimming lamp of day
Leaves the crimson foam and spray
Across the face of the mighty Atlantic

For the roll it is gentle
As the waves, they guide you over
Full new moon across the stern flag
Our different worlds in constant motion

I've been working a lot last week. This week however, I've got four days off - I'll be spending three days in Berlin to go shopping, take new pictures and visit old friends. At the moment, I don't have any new pictures to share with you, so I thought I'd upload this photograph from the archives. Rügen is one of those places where Germany is at its most beautiful.
I'll be off to work in an hour and before I go, I'd like to share some websites that I like... Erin McCown's and Esben Bøg Jensen's photostreams on Flickr... a website called Atlas Obscura... a Christian burial from Anglo-Saxon England... an awesome custom Triumph Scrambler... last but not least, I've spent the last two weeks watching Justified, which is (as far as I'm concerned) the only TV series worth watching at the moment - great scripts, great characters, great camera work, never boring.

Have a nice week!

- Dom


joo said...

Eh, Rugen - wonderful place I will visit again for sure!Lovely photo!

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you! Glad you like the pic. I'm sure you'd enjoy a visit in August or early September - that's when I went - the weather was perfect.