19 September 2012

Sky And Sand

In the nighttime
When the world is at its rest
You will find me
In the place I know the best

And we build up castles
In the sky and in the sand
Design our own world
Ain't nobody understand

(Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky And Sand)

Good evening!

It's been one month and one day since my last blog post, and there's no end in sight as far as my workload is concerned, but things are going to get better next month! I'll be back to posting regularly again in a few more weeks. 

I've also got some exciting plans for next year. There's a good chance I'll be coming back to England for a few months and I'll also go on a road trip around Poland with one of my best friends in Hamburg, who grew up in Gdansk.

One of my American friends is staying in Hamburg for six weeks for some work experience so we get to do fun stuff on the weekends, and my mum's got a lovely new dog, a Collie named Abby who's only three months old.

New pictures coming soon. I'll comment on all those of your blog posts that I missed once I'm back to business as usual. 

Talk to you soon.

- Dom


Babzy said...

Nice to see you back :)

Ian said...

Yeah!! Hi Dominic :-)

46mile speed said...

looking forward to new pictures!

Emm said...

It sounds like interesting times! It is always good when things settle down again. I like that about autumn, calm after the manic summer. I hope you do get to go on that roadtrip! I'm trying to plan one for next summer.

chiendent said...

Good to hear about you.
We design our own world : something to be conscious of !

Malibu said...

Dom, Love the aura of the blog, particularly one thing, the fasination with the American west. I live in NYC and most of my friends are not American born, always find the most stunning thing about them is how they speak of the states and the west, it is that Springsteen-Darkness-John Ford-idealism that strikingly so many Americans don't have anymore. I write a lot about it (not plugging it but curious for you to read) on a music site I write (haven't lately), hope you get this and check it, couldn't find a way to email you. Take care man, love the work!



Siddhartha Joshi said...

Interesting to catch up with you on your life :) But where are the pictures? I would love to see them more often buddy...

Dom said...

@ Malibu:
Thanks very much for the kind words! I'm gonna check out your blog soon!

@ Siddhartha: Good to hear from you! I haven't taken a picture in three months, except for some iPhone pics... I've been working like a mad man. I should have more time to go out and take pictures again next month, and I've also planned a trip home. I really need to get away and spend a couple days in London. So there's definitely gonna be new pictures... I'll catch up with your blog soon! If I recall correctly you've been inactive for a long time as well though haven't you? Anyway, speak to you soon!