11 June 2010

Prove It All Night

Everybody's got a hunger
A hunger they can't resist
There's so much that you want
You deserve much more than this

But if dreams came true, well wouldn't that be nice
Girl, you want it, you take it, you pay the price

You hear the voices telling you not to go
They made their choices and they'll never know

("Prove It All Night", Bruce Springsteen)

Roy's Motel & Cafe, Amboy, California.
Picture taken almost a year ago.
I pasted the colour version over a sepia version of the picture to get the results seen above.

I think I've mentioned in another blogpost that Cormac McCarthy is one of my favourite authors of all time (along with Harper Lee). Well, I just received four books in the mail two weeks ago that I ordered on Amazon. Hadn't read them before and I ain't got much time to read books anyways because I'm reading so many scientific publications for university already. Still, I'm racing through the pages because he writes so well. None of my friends that I mentioned the author to had ever heard of him; I wonder how come.

Here's an excerpt from "The Crossing", the second part of the Border Trilogy - All The Pretty Horses being the first, and my favourite book.

They were running on the plain harrying the antelope and the antelope moved like phantoms in the snow and circled and wheeled and the dry powder blew about them in the cold moonlight and their breath smoked palely in the cold as if they burned with some inner fire and the wolves twisted and turned and leapt in a silence such that they seemed of another world entire. They moved down the valley and turned and moved far out on the plain until they were the smallest of figures in that dim whiteness and then they disappeared.

What I like about McCarthy's style is his frequent use of polysyndeton (as evident in the quotation above). I also like McCarthy because he's not using semicolons - on account of that the pages in his books aren't... sort of, congested with unnecessary stuff. 
My English and German teachers would protest heavily against me saying something like that, but one thing I remember from five years of Latin is that the ancient Romans didn't have quotation marks neither.

Here's a great article & interview on / with him.

Have a great weekend y'all!

- Dom


donnie said...

cool - am not a fan of quotation marks and comma factories - writing and reading should be free expression - pause when u like :)

Dominic Doherty said...

Exactly! :-)

rockmetoharmony said...

thank you for the sweet comment!
and i have to say that your pictures are lovely. and Bruce Springsteen is awesome.
have a great summer!

Brooke said...

I find myself liking less and less puncuation as well... but when I start to write (formally lol) I use the traditional style of English. Internet talk you probably noticed is very laid back :D haha

I haven't read anything by McCarthy. I'm not sure I mentioned this to you or if you and I already talked about this (my memory seems to be shot as of lately lol)..... but you'd probably like some of Gary Paulsen's work. I read The Hatchet when I was in grade school and even though it's probably a very easy read now, you might still enjoy it. It's kind of like the movie "Into the Wild" but instead of choosing to survive through the hardships his plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. It's pretty awesome :)

Nice editing on the image too :) The sepia effect is a great idea! It looks like an image I try to aim in creation during PP :]

Dominic Doherty said...

MOA, thanks a lot! Indeed he is, he's the best.
You have a greaet summer too! Btw, I'm planning to visit Sweden, Norway, etc. - we should totally shoot together, I'm also a subscriber to your friend's blog, Watching The World Through A Lens... love the way you Scandinavians take pictures, the style is different from us guys down south :-)

BROOKE, haha, I did notice that! :-) Oh I don't think you mentioned him but this book does sound interesting! Unless the story turns out as crazy as Lost... thanks :-)

rockmetoharmony said...

Thank you! Oh yes, we totally should! Although I'm planning of moving back to Spain in a month.. When are you thinkinh of coming here?
And yes, Eleonor is amazing. She's so talented!