14 November 2010

Fuel To The Fire

Good morning!
It's been a while since my last post...

Lüneburg, Germany.
November 2010.
20 seconds, F/22, ISO 50.

It's mid-November and the weather's been miserable most of the time. It was blowing a gale yesterday; the temperature must've been close to zero. I counted only one or two beautiful days since my last blog post.

University has kept me busy, but I'm not going to complain about anything - after an entire summer spent working in the field, it's great to be able to sit back and just listen to the lecturers. 

There's a lot of interesting courses and workshops this semester, such as anthropology, an international research project, and surveying (a course on weekends) - this Saturday, I got to operate a Leica total station

I'm never too busy to listen to my guitar heroes though. Apart from the good old music in my record collection, I've been listening to so many new bands that have been recommended to me lately.

After my Scotland trip in December, I might disassemble my bike and give it a new paint job. I'll probably have to sand it before I paint it. Now I'm talking about a racing bicycle, not a motorcycle (unfortunately).

Travel-wise, 2011 should be an interesting year for me. I'm still planning to visit Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. One of my buddies and I might go on a road trip through Belgium and France, and probably Italy, too. Last but not least, I intend to visit London with a girl friend of mine for the first time since my move to Germany in 2008.

Have a nice weekend!

- Dom


donnie said...

love the starscape in the swimming pool :)

Dominic Doherty said...

Thanks Donnie! There's a forest right next to my mum's garden, so there are always plenty of leaves in the pool. If you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have noticed the similarity to a long exposure of the night sky though...

rockmetoharmony said...

Indeed! Baba O'riley, The Who.. I mean, is there anything else to say?
Oh cool! I'm getting my guitar next week and I've got a list of songs that I want to learn, yay.

Brooke said...

this was refreshing to read :) ive been taking time away from the computer as of lately and its nice to catch up on what you've been up to :)

Dominic Doherty said...

Moa: No, there's nothing left to say :-) Sounds great :-)

Brooke: I always enjoy hearing from you - I've kept up with your flickr, I love pictures 73, 72, and the animation clip... it's such a lovely little film! :-)

rockmetoharmony said...

Haha thank you, or thanks to sofia who took the picture.

Oh yeah, it is! I knew that it was at some tvshow... Haha.

Dominic Doherty said...

No matter who took it, it's epic. :-)
It reminds me of a scene from "I'm Not There", where Heath Ledger's sitting in a chair, smoking. Ever seen the movie? It's one of my favourite movies.

Anonymous said...

... du bist schon im reisefieber :-)

Dominic Doherty said...

In der Tat :-) Diesen Sommer war ja nicht so viel los in der Hinsicht... :-)