27 August 2011

Worlds Apart

Where the distant oceans sing 
and rise to the plain
In this dry and troubled country
 your beauty remains

May the living let us in
 before the dead tear us apart

(Bruce Springsteen - Worlds Apart)

Arche Warder wildlife preserve.
August 2011.
If you'd like to see more pictures,
check out my previous blog post.

Apart from lots of endangered species, there are three houses built in Neolithic style. Me and the friend who'll join me on the trip to France built a Neolithic fireplace... we dug a hole in the ground, covered the bottom with rocks, added several layers of clay... I haven't built anything in a long time, so this was a very satisfying experience. The silhouette in the first picture is the reconstruction of a Neolithic house.

Have a nice day.

- Dom


DeeBee L. said...

is your trip to France going to take you to the Dordogne and Vezere valleys with all the caves?
That would be a paradise for you. you'll enjoy this so much (it is for me :D)

Brooke said...

Love the campfire picture :)! I know what you mean by the building thing. I get the same satisfaction from anything that I get to do in such ways. Especially when it comes to creative stuff :)

Dominic Doherty said...

I'm not sure about that - we're definitely going to spend a few days in the Tarn valley though.
I haven't been to France since I was a kid, so any place is good! :-)

Babzy said...

campfire a good place to stay at night with friends :)I wish you a good trip to France !

Dominic Doherty said...

Yes, it is a great place! It's just a shame none of us had brought a guitar.
Thank you very much!