02 September 2011

The Crossing

Through all the days that eat away
at every breath that I take
Through all the nights I've lain alone
in someone else's dream awake

It's only you that remains with me
Clear as the light of day

(Johnny Clegg - The Crossing)

Early tomorrow morning, I'll set out on a trip to France, along with my best friend from school and my best friend from university. I really need a break from everything - university, work, the country I'm living in. I'll also try to recapture the emotions, the feelings, the sensations of past road trips, for they lie at the core of my best and brightest dreams and continue to inspire me to - at some point in the future - travel more often than I do now.

I'll be back in mid-September, and I hope y'all have a good time!

- Dom


donnie said...

i hope your trip is all you want it to be :)

DeeBee L. said...

Let me know if you enjoyed France!

Emm said...

Hope you have a good trip Dominic and that you come back rejuvenated and refreshed!

I love the song "The Crossing", I love the Zulu bit in the end. If you'd like me to post you my copy of Juluka's Scatterlings, I'd be happy to. I can pick up another copy next time I'm in South Africa. I can also send you my copy of their greatest hits.

Dominic Doherty said...

Thanks very much y'all!

Mandy: Thank you so much, that'd be far too kind. However, I already have all of their CDs and some LPs I found on ebay. I've only missed out on going to one of Johnny's concerts... hoping to change that soon!

Emm said...