18 September 2011

Take My Heart Away

Colmar, France.
September 2011.

On the day before the trip, we all met up in Hamburg (my friend from school, Freddy, doesn't live here of course). The day after, we drove from Hamburg to Strasbourg. We'd been caught up in a few traffic jams for a total of three hours and there's a lot of road works on the way down south. When we arrived, we were happy to walk around town for an hour before getting dinner. The pictures taken that day can be seen in my previous blog post. We stayed in a hostel ("auberge de jeunesse") on the edge of town. 
After we had breakfast, we soon found ourselves back on the road again. We followed the Route des Vins d'Alsace. For more information, visit this website. Our favourite villages were Barr and Colmar. We loved the colourful houses. At the end of the day, we arrived in Besançon, where we stayed for the night.

Besançon, France.
September 2011.


Brooke said...

Such a beautiful little place! When I picture cities in Europe in my mind, buildings like this come to mind on water and such. Canterbury in England is a lot like it but their architecture is all over the place! But I guess most of Europe is similar. Seems like you had a lot of fun! :)

Dominic Doherty said...

Well, there are indeed quite a few similarities between certain regions of France and the UK; however, when you compare the whole of Europe and all its different countries, there's a lot of architectural diversity - culture is a big influence, but the weather is an important factor too... Compare Spanish and Swedish houses... they couldn't be less similar.
Yeah, we had a lot of fun!