15 September 2011

Fallin' And Flyin'

Strasbourg, Alsace, France.
September 2011.

Hello! I'm back from my trip to France. It was everything I'd hoped it would be: The weather was awesome (most of the time, that is) - we passed through absolutely gorgeous villages and small towns - the people were very friendly. I've driven exactly 3615 kilometres. 
Let me say this much: Dear people of France, I love your country! 

This is just a quick update; I'll publish my favourite pictures over the next few weeks with the first major update coming this Sunday - check it out; there's a lot of pictures and stories that I'd like to share - and Sunday is also when I'll take the time to answer all your comments and messages and check out all your blog posts that I've missed these past two weeks. I have to apologise for this delay... we still don't have internet at our flat, so I'm sitting in my car using wireless internet... and as you can imagine, a car isn't exactly the most comfortable place to do this.

Blog post title taken from the song of the same name from the "Crazy Heart" - soundtrack.

Have a nice day.

- Dom


Emm said...

It looks lovely there!! I love seeing people's photos of Europe as they always ignite my wanderlust.

windy said...

Hi Dominic, welcome back. Great set of pics, particularly like the last one.

Jenny Woolf said...

Glad you had such a nice trip!

Babzy said...

Hi !
I'm glad you apreciate our beautiful France :) Welcome back !