04 February 2012

Always In My Heart

Hamburg, Germany.
February 2012.

I think of you and I together
I picture you and I as one
When we sit there in
The firelight baby
When we wake to the morning sun
And though you may leave me
We're never apart
You're always in my heart

When you're standing at the window
With the moonlight in your hair
And you turn and smile
My favourite smile
I just have to stop and stare
And babe when you hold me
I go off the chart
You're always in my heart

(Bob Seger - Always In My Heart)

The picture above was taken from my balcony, which is where I sat in the summer and enjoyed my beer. Now, it's a little too cold for that. When I moved into the apartment last July, that was the third or fourth time I relocated since I left England, and I might move once again, into another apartment, this coming summer. My idea of the perfect place to live in is a timber cottage out in the woods, by a lake, with little people around... but that's my vision for the future. As of now, I'm still looking for the perfect apartment to live in with the budget that I have. 

Ten days from now, my good friend Rachel will visit me here. We went to school together. All those years ago we didn't always get along, but since then, we've grown rather close and had some great times together. It's been a year since I last saw her, so I can't wait for her to come around. 

It's ten degrees below zero in Hamburg tonight... a little too cold for me to head out and take long exposures, and I'm working from 10 to 5 this Sunday. I have Monday off, however - maybe I'll be in the mood to get up before sunrise and take some pictures for you to enjoy. 

I hope you all have had a nice weekend so far, and may you enjoy what's left of it, too.

- Dom


Suze said...

Lovely post, Dom.

Babzy said...

It's so cold outside , i'm lazy going out taking pictures ! Have a good day :)

artebaiao said...

As always: a good feeling and a good shot and finally, at last but not the least, running to the light!

Dominic Doherty said...

Thanks very much! Glad you all enjoyed the blog post.
Had a great day at work - now I'm sitting in my favourite restaurant waiting for my vegetarian burger and potatoe wedges - going to bed early tonight - will get up before sunrise tomorrow, it's supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow!

DeeBee L. said...

I'm sure you'll find your timber cottage in the woods faster than you think!!:)

Dominic Doherty said...

Well, it has to be in a great location, and I have rather specific plans for the interior design.

Emm said...

Stunning photo! I can imagine it was lovely in summer. I also love the idea of a cabin in the woods but I'd miss the city after half a year or so!

Dominic Doherty said...

Maybe that's what would happen to me too... :-)