28 February 2012


Hamburg, Germany.
February 2012.

Lay down on a sandy beach
It's a bad world, no place for us to be

(Miranda Lee Richards - Breathless)

Now the season's over and I feel it getting cold
I wish I could take you to some sandy beach
where we'd never grow old

(Bruce Springsteen - Wings For Wheels)

There might be just a bit too much going on in this picture - bright colours, reflections, waves. However, this isn't supposed to be one of my best long exposures (like this one for example)... I took this picture so that those of you who have never been to Hamburg could get an idea of what it's like to stand there and take in the view. It's amazing. 

There's a bar called 20up (it's located on the 20th floor of the Empire Riverside Hotel) - when I went there, I liked neither the bartenders nor the waitresses working there, because they were arrogant and boring... I didn't like most of the customers neither, because they were stuck-up snobs - but the view was amazing.

I need to get some sleep now; I've got four days of work coming up.


- Dom


DeeBee L. said...

Long exposure is something I have not yet dared to experiment but would love to! I have to have a go I think as the result is quite effective!

moi said...

I wrote it because my sister has it as a tattoo on her inner arm, and this photo was from when she graduated, and she was wearing a gigantic springsteen tee and I wore the same one when I graduated. when I think of that line I think about her, and the world just goes a little better.

Jenny Woolf said...

I went to Hamburg as a little kid and I remember it being a bit like this, as we sailed away, as for some reason I was leaving on a ship. I don't know why. Or where I was going to. But that's what it is like when you're a kid!

Admittedly I did live in Germany so it wasn't such an unusual thing to do.

Dominic Doherty said...

Yes, you should give it a try. Just play around with your camera's settings, and you'll find out what works best.

Moa: Funny... didn't know she had that tattoo! It's one of two Springsteen tattoos I want to get this year - the other being "you can't start a fire without a spark".

Maybe you went to visit Heligoland? I might go this summer. It's supposed to be really beautiful. Did you live in Hamburg or in another city?

Babzy said...

awesome shot !

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you Ely!