07 April 2012

One Step Up

Boat shed, Zarrentin, Germany.
April 2011.

Woke up this morning, my house was cold
Checked the furnace, she wasn't burnin'
Went out and hopped in my old Ford
Hit the engine but she ain't turnin'
We've given each other some hard lessons lately
But we ain't learnin'
We're the same sad story, that's a fact
One step up and two steps back

There's a girl across the bar
I get the message she's sendin'
She ain't lookin' to get married
And me, well honey, I'm pretendin'
Last night I dreamed I held you in my arms
The music was never-ending
We danced as the evening sky faded to black
One step up and two steps back

This is just a quick post before I'm off to work. It's been raining this morning and the air smells fresh. I'll post more 35mm photographs soon - I've got two rolls of film waiting to get developed.

Have a great weekend.

- Dom


Jenny Woolf said...

Love those words - I like his words better than his performance :)

AB said...

A thatched boat hut? Whatever next!

Dominic Doherty said...

Jenny - I for one like Bob Dylan's lyrics much better when sung by other artists than when sung by the man himself.

Alastair - There are quite a few thatched houses in the "Altes Land" - region south of Hamburg.