30 October 2009

Darkness On The Edge Of Town

In the southern part of Hamburg, a city which is divided into two halves by the river Elbe, there's an old engine shed that's no longer being used. I went there twice this year (once in the winter, once in the summer), so I wanted to come back in autumn too. The fall foliage is particularly beautiful this year.
Upon my arrival, I noticed that demolition work had already begun some time ago. It might not be false to say that I may have been the last photographer to visit the place.

Apart from today's photographic trip (Friday is my day off of university), everything is fine. The professors and tutors & the other guys and girls are all great, and among the latter is the most lovely young lady you could possibly imagine.
In addition, I got a lot of books to read, a total of nine, that is. Some in German, some in English; fortunately there were no foreign language books on the list of books we were supposed to buy. I can only speak two languages. I've had five years of Latin back in school though. But who writes books in Latin? I don't even want to contemplate that question.

Have a nice weekend!

- Dom


donnie said...

it is a special feeling to record something before it disappears

Dominic Doherty said...

True. Melancholy maybe?

Anonymous said...

schöne farben ... und freitags frei :-)


Dominic Doherty said...

Danke dir! Ich hab auch mehrere Tage gebraucht, bis ich den Stundenplan so hinbekommen hatte, dass ich ein langes Wochenende hab ;-)