31 July 2010

Man On The Moon

Blog post title taken from one of my favourite R.E.M. songs.

Top picture: Maschen, Germany. The largest marshalling yard in Europe (2nd largest worldwide after Bailey Yard, North Platte, NE).
Bottom picture: Night sky above Bardowick, Germany. F/5.6; ISO400; 240 seconds. Both pictures taken in July 2010.

The second week of the excavation has gone by real fast. We found more bronze, iron, and pottery. In addition, we found a lot of bones, mostly of cattle. The digging gets harder and harder the deeper we dig. I've never worked so hard in my life but I'm loving every minute of it and I know I made the right decision when I signed up for a degree in archaeology a year ago. 

Today I'm gonna relax and be lazy all day long because I feel every muscle in my body and every bone in my hands. Next week would've been my last regular week but I decided to continue  digging for another week. In that fourth week, I'll be a regular worker already, so they're paying 30 Euros per day, which sounds good to me.

Have a nice weekend!

- Dom


Anonymous said...

schön, dass dir das so gut gefällt und ich finde 30 Euro am Tag für ehrliche Arbeit und für so !!! einen Zweck auch in Ordnung. Das ist mehr Wert als dummes Zeug verkaufen für einen besseren Stundenlohn :-)

schöne Fotos ... ich hab ja jetzt Ferien und da probier ich das endlich auch einmal

Dominic Doherty said...

Eben, das dachte ich mir auch. Den ganzen Tag frische Luft, keine unfreundlichen Kunden - das ist definitiv besser als in irgendeinem Shop oder Supermarkt zu arbeiten.

Danke... die Welt ist so schön still bei Nacht... ich genieße immer die Wartezeit, bis die Belichtung fertig ist. :-)

Brooke said...

Fantastic pictures! We have a descent size "shipping yard" here in Cincinnati but I don't know if its still really used or not any more. Though.... judging by that picture I don't think its even half that size haha.

The museum of the city used to be the train station ((gigantic lol)) and all the tracks lead there. It's pretty cool :)

And I've tried to do exposures such as your for the sky and I can't even get half those stars. I hate light pollution :( I need to follow that radar thing you sent me.

Dominic Doherty said...

Hahah yeah, you do! That website leads you to the darkest places in the whole country :-)

And thanks so much :-)

rockmetoharmony said...

Thank you! :) Yes, born to run is one of my favourite albums too! And darkness on the edge of town. and.. well, love'em all, really.
and i just gotta say, that these photographs are also lovely, specially the one with the stars. it reminds me of when i went up on my roof, a little drunk, to have a smoke. and the stars were dancing.
beautiful :)

Dominic Doherty said...

Hahah, yeah, me too, I love them all.
Thanks so much :-)