04 July 2010

Picture In A Frame

"Picture In A Frame", a great song by Tom Waits.

Somewhere in the fields around Lüneburg, Germany. July 2010.

Late yesterday night, after watching the world cup match Germany vs. Argentina with my friends from uni and attending a weekend seminar at a blacksmith's shop, I watched the Norwegian movie North. It's sort of an off-road movie rather than a road movie, and the protagonist, who's depressive and about to meet his young son for the first time, comes across some really interesting characters. I'll recommend the movie to everyone who's got a good sense of humour.

I found a well-written short article featuring loads of pictures  of one of the coolest people ever, Steve McQueen. What a man - and it seems like he never did anything else but act in movies, drive his cars and ride his motorcycles. Here are two great quotes...

I live for myself and I answer to nobody.

When I believe in something, 
I fight like hell for it.

Have a great week!

- Dom

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