15 July 2010

Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

Title taken from a song by Eric Clapton. Also frequently played this week: When You Say Nothing At All by Alison Kraus, which was only recently introduced to me by a friend who shares my taste in music and my love for Mucha.

I'm busy studying for what is hopefully my last exam this semester (I might have to resit another exam originally written on Wednesday). The one tomorrow is the resit exam of the one written on Monday, which I failed. Those two are both from my minor, Classic Archaeology. My major, which is Archaeology concerning itself with the periods of prehistory and protohistory, suits me much more. It's much less based on the history of ancient arts and architecture but more of an applied science instead.  

I can't wait for the excavation to begin this coming Monday. The hands-on work in the field is what I'm mainly interested in. Originally, it was supposed to be the excavation of a Saxon burial ground. The subject has been changed; now I'm going to take part in a salvage excavation because there's a supermarket gonna be built at an archaeological site in a nearby village real soon, and they think there might be remains from the Middle Ages. I reckon I won't be allowed to take any pictures, but I never cared much about rules anyways so I might just take some  photos on the last day because then I can't get fired anymore.

I'm happy the semester is over... I signed up for too many classes, which lead to me dropping out of some again. I always think big, so I had set me the overambitious goal of getting more than 45 credit points this semester - in Germany, you need 180 credit points to get your Bachelor of Arts degree after six semesters... that means you'll do perfectly fine with 30 points per semester. I think there's a different system being used in the UK, but I never bothered to learn more about that because I always knew I'd fail to even get through UCAS.

Rügen, Germany. July 2009.

The chalk cliffs are not as majestic as the Seven Sisters in Sussex, which I always loved way more than the more well-known cliffs of Dover. They might be more beautiful though because of the dense tree population. Along with the Scandinavia trip, I plan on visiting Rügen again this summer to get some decent long exposures in the morning and afternoon. The cliffs are famous for a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, who stood on top of one of the cliffs to the left of the position of my camera, which is now gone due to erosion.

Have a great weekend!

- Dom


donnie said...

the cliffs are fabulous and the trees definately help

Dominic Doherty said...

I think it'll look even better at night though; I love the way long exposures make water look all peaceful and quiet as if there had never been any current.

Rachel said...

Definitely take some pictures of the dig if you can, I'd love to see it!

armchair traveler never! said...

Germany is fab! I lived there for one summer, in Augsburg many years ago and I still miss it :)
Gorgeous picture, it captures the light so well.

Dominic Doherty said...

I will, Rachel :-)

Yeah, there's a lot of nice places but I miss England too... Thankks for the kind words, Armchair Traveler!

Anonymous said...

schöne Aufnahme ... und ... zu hoch gesteckte Ziele können manchmal nützlich sein ^^

Dominic Doherty said...

Danke Manfred... naja, ein bißchen zu hoch, denn wenn man zu viele Hausarbeiten innerhalb einer kurzen Frist schreiben muss, leidet die Qualität der Recherche.