20 April 2011

Lucky You

Schaalsee, Germany.
April 2011.

The weather is gorgeous. If I didn't have to give a presentation on a neolithic ritual site tomorrow, I'd grab a Corona and my headphones and take a stroll outside. 

I've got a photoshoot scheduled for Friday, and on Saturday I'll pick up two friends at the airport that I haven't seen since I moved in 2008... so the weekend will be a busy one.

Blog post title taken from the song "Lucky You" by The National.

Have a great evening.

- Dom


moi said...

sounds like an awesome roadtrip that! :)
i have nothing set in stone for this summer, but if i'm not in lysekil or gothenburg i'm probably in finspång/norrköping
(norrköping is an awesome town aswell, one of my favs)

and thank you, though here my hair is reaally short and now it's reaaally long :p
i like these pics, btw! love the clouds

Dominic Doherty said...

So I suppose I should visit Norrköping too? :-)
Thank you! Glad you like the pictures.

moi said...

well you could, if you are in the neighborhood then why not? :)
and yes, let me know when you know more then maybe we could meet and I could try to be a guide or something :p
yeah i know, i've listened to van morrison alot lately. mostly with my sister, but now when she's gone, listening to him makes me think of her

Dominic Doherty said...

Alright... that sounds awesome!

T. Becque said...

Love those clear reflections you caught.

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you Trisha!