25 January 2012

Ghost Ships

Ghost ships are sailing on empty seas
The light that was in the darkness
It does not shine on me

Like an old man I run to find the shore
And the light that was in your eyes
Doesn't shine there anymore

(The Saints - Ghost Ships)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA.
July 2007.
Medium format film.

This is the only picture I liked from a roll of medium format film that I had developed recently. I've always loved lighthouses and of course the sea. Sometimes, I don't like the smell of it... most of the time I do. Isn't it funny that I've been living in Hamburg for three and a half years now but I've not yet been to the city's famous fish market?

I made an attempt at taking a self-portrait earlier today before I went to work. I took the last one in September while in France. Wasn't happy with the results... I'll try to do a better job on my next day off. I'll also try to finally get around to posting a picture of that fascinating find I made when I worked in field archaeology last summer...

Anyway, goodnight now!

- Dom


joo said...

Another superb B&W photo! I love lighthouses and I always love the smell of the sea - the more in the north the better:)
By the way have you visited Sylt?

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you!
Hahah, Sylt is another place I can't wait to visit!! I've heard and read a lot about it. I'm also planning to visit Heligoland... it's another beautiful German island.
One island off the German coast I've visited several times is Rügen... have you ever been there? I haven't seen all of Germany yet (Munich and the Alps are still on my list) but so far, Rügen would have to be one of my top three favourite places, along with Berlin and, of course, Hamburg! :-)