23 January 2012

Word Of Mouth

Now the world is getting older
there's a few things to be said
Do you believe the things they told you
do you believe the things you've read

There's a rumour on the corner
but it's always been denied
'Cause they don't want you any wiser
you're just toeing the party line

From the west side to the east side
from the north side to the south
You'll never get bad information
if you believe in the word of mouth

(Mike & The Mechanics - Word Of Mouth)

Joshua Tree National Park, California.
June 2009.

"A picture is a poem without words."

Apart from my job at the coffee shop, there's another thing that keeps me busy this week. I'm doing research for an upcoming presentation about the Stadtschloss and Neues Museum in Berlin. The former was demolished on the orders of the government of the German Democratic Republic, the latter was destroyed in World War II. The Museum was partially rebuilt and partially restored, the Schloss is work in progress.

One of the things I always liked about the American west are those old fashioned bulb signs and the slightly more modern neon signs. Here are some great links for those of you who enjoy the good old stuff as much as I do: Click here to see pictures taken in the Vegas neon sign museum bone yard; this link will lead you to a blog from the UK; Urban Remains sells what they call architectural artifacts; there is also a Flickr group; last but not least, click here to see some pictures taken by yours truly.

Here's a collection of stunning black & white long exposures. Click here to view photographs of the beautiful Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.

The blog Small Town Noir has been an enjoyable read while I had breakfast this morning. I love mugshots.

It's no secret that I'm a music lover, since almost all posts on this blog feature at least one link to a song. While I've posted links that lead to covers done by professional artists, I've never posted a link to a cover done by amateurs... most of them are just no good... recently however, I came across covers of two of my favourite songs and they're simply awesome: Free Falling (a Tom Petty song) and Ripple (by the Grateful Dead). In addition, I found this wonderful cover of a song by the Bruce Springsteen, The Last Carnival.

Have a great week!

- Dom


Sy said...

stunning shots Dominic, I've wanted to visit Joshua Tree national park ever since I read this very interesting book 'Going Deeper' by Jean Calude Koven

T. Becque said...

Nice job with this subject matter. Funny how I live in the desert but I always struggle to photograph it.

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you!
Maybe it's just not your favourite subject?

joo said...

Love these photos! Actually they are great as B&W! Sometimes lack of colours makes the photo so stylish and nostalgic!
Good luck with your research!

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you so much for this lovely comment of yours! :-)

Emm said...

Wow, it must have been awesome to visit the Joshua Tree National Park. I bet it was really moving.

Dominic Doherty said...

Yeah, it was! Those trees are amazing. I had seen them on U2 album covers but never in real life...