07 January 2012

Shinin' Brightly

Mosque, Hamburg, Germany.
January 2012.

Well, it's shinin' brightly
It's lookin' pretty right
From the early morning
To really really late at night
It's lookin' pretty good today
The dark clouds are rollin' away
Oh and it's shinin' brightly
And I think it's gonna be okay

(Bob Seger)

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I will meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about
language, ideas; even the phrase each other
doesn't make any sense.

(Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi)

Have a nice weekend y'all!

- Dom


T. Becque said...

Great photo Dom! The light is just spectacular. How are you getting that sky color? (If you don't mind me asking)

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you Trisha!
To answer your question:
a. The Port of Hamburg is brightly lit even at night - there's a yellowish / orange glow in the sky
b. I don't use the automatic white balance - I set my camera to "sunlight" or "colour temperature" - which intensifies the effect caused by the glow.

If you'd like to see another example for the glow in the sky, click here.
Click here to see a picture of the port itself.

DeeBee L. said...

Great shot, i like the perspective and colours! :)

Sy said...

beautiful post!

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you!

Emm said...

What a beautiful mosque! I really love the architecture of mosques. That quote by Rumi was incredible, I had to read it back a couple of times. I think I'll have to look him up.

Dominic Doherty said...

Glad you like it as much as I do! I love the architecture of mosques as well. I'm also interested in the Arab world and its culture in general. It's a totally different lifestyle. My mum has been to Egypt and Tunisia, but she has always wanted to visit Marrakech - still hasn't done so - she did however manage to get me interested in this part of the world as well.

Rumi... oh well, I don't even remember how I came across the wikipedia article and his quotes; I spend many hours browsing wikipedia to learn more about the world - countries, history, important people, philosophy, poetry, science. Anyway, I did come across Rumi's biography and didn't stop reading the quotes until I'd reached the bottom of the page...