18 September 2010

Bullet The Blue Sky

Maschen marshalling yard, Germany. 
July 2010 archive photograph.

I need to finish my essay about a Viking Age settlement which is due next week. I started from scratch again because I wasn't happy with anything I'd written so far. However, I've got a writer's block. And it seems as if the right moment to begin writing just hasn't come around yet...
With no time on my hands to take new photographs or go clay pigeon shooting as I had planned for this weekend, I want to share some interesting links I've come across over the past one or two weeks.


An interesting article about the Skeleton of a man laid to rest more than 10,000 years ago, which was found in an undersea cave in Mexico.


A really great short film about cycling in San Francisco. On one of the five days of my visit to this exciting city, I rented a bike myself and soon found out that I'm definitely not a hill climbing specialist.


A beautifully filmed video by surf photographer Mickey Smith. Even more than the stunning images, I love what Smith says towards the end of the video about true success: It's when you can hand-on-heart say, "I love what I'm doing even though I may never be a rich man". 


Here's a brilliant photographer from Iceland that I'd never come across before I discovered him earlier this week. Iceland is among the places I want to visit within the next five years and his gorgeous photographs show all the reasons why I want to go there. Another photographer's pictures  of the Great Lakes region in the United States have been a great inspiration recently, too.


Check out this fantastic series of photographs taken in the Cave of Crystals in Mexico. Apparently, scientists can only stay inside the cave for twenty minutes because of the intense heat.

Have a nice weekend!

- Dom


Anonymous said...

auch dir ein schönes wochenende, trotz der arbeit ... diese kristallhöhle ist faszinierend ...

Brooke said...

I remember that article about the cave of crystals in Mexico being featured in Nat Geo... they referred to it as Krypton lol And I especially love that short film from Mickey Smith when you showed me that I got that feeling of super proudness about fellow human beings it unbottled some teary emotions.

I swear there is so much more to human history than we know! Our age and evolution could be so different than what has previously been said. Mr. Underwater Skeleton proves it.

Dominic Doherty said...

Manfred: Danke! In der Tat... aber auch in Deutschland gibt es faszinierende Orte, die noch auf meiner Liste stehen - beispielsweise der Blautopf oder das Elbsandsteingebirge.

Brooke: Yeah, I read it in the magazine too! :-)
I know, right? All those new discoveries in recent years... and scientists and explorers have only begun trying to find out about the history of the earth and us humans some 150 years ago. I'm sure there's much more yet to be discovered than the things we know already.