13 September 2010

This Is A Hymn

This is the light that shines 
This is the leaving of another love
This is the howling at the moon

These are the arms you fell into
I am a fire and I must burn today

This is an echo
This is the glory
This is the pounding of a midnight heart

(A.A. Bondy)

Hamburg. September 2010.

The container harbour on the opposite bank of the River Elbe is the source of this immense amount of light pollution. They're working twenty-four hours and seven days a week over there. The building in the left has been featured in this previous picture, too.

It's the beginning of another week of hard work and I should be sleeping right now as I type this. However, I just had to get this picture out there. On Sunday, I drove over to Hamburg to meet up with a friend I went to school with in London; after graduation, Paul moved to China, where he worked for a German company for two years, and now he's back in Europe and came around to visit. It's a surprise though that more than half of us have left our posh London suburbs to study or work in another country.


- Dom


Brooke said...

i thought that building looked familiar :) is that guy pulling all that on the bike actually real..!?!?

Dominic Doherty said...

I think those photos are real... I've seen more pictures from China and the people in those other pictures transported equal amounts of stuff on their bicycles.