23 October 2010

Another Saturday Night

Title taken from one of my favourite Cat Stevens songs.

As I mounted the winter tyres earlier this afternoon, my neighbour came over and told me this winter's supposed to come early, and it's gonna be even colder than the last. I've already planned a few short trips to beautiful places... and I'll take along a different friend on each trip, so it'll be more fun.

Check out these amazing photographs featured on the National Geographic Adventure site. 

Rügen, Germany. August 2010.
Long exposure. 35mm film. 


- Dom


AB said...

And I thought they were the white cliffs of Dover.

rockmetoharmony said...

Oh that was a good song! I'm not much for joints but I can imagine that it would be pretty cool to be loosy goosy with that song, indeed.
Speaking of songs, that one with Cat Stevens is so good. All of his songs are. I kinda grew up with his music :) My mom has good taste in music.

Dominic Doherty said...

AB: The white cliffs of Dover are much bigger than the ones on Rügen.

Moa: Yeah, I love Cat Stevens :-) He's got such a great voice. His new albums (as Yusuf Islam) are great, too.