19 October 2010

Open All Night

Somewhere in Tennessee.
August 2007.

Lancaster County, PA.
July 2007.

I haven't taken any Polaroids in ages...

Radio's jammed with gospel stations
Lost souls callin' long distance salvation

(Springsteen - "Open All Night")

Yesterday, the new semester began. Some friends and I went snowboarding in Bispingen (a 40 - minute drive south of Hamburg) after the last lecture of the day. 
On the way home last night, I managed to beat my navigation device's estimated time of arrival by 15 minutes. I love driving on deserted roads at night. There's nothing better than the buzz you get during that one second when you gotta decide whether to leave your foot on the throttle or put it on the brake.

I hope I'll never lose my enthusiasm, my ideals, and my lust for life, which is burning like a fever inside of me. And I hope you won't lose them either.

Have a great week!

- Dom


rockmetoharmony said...

Haha except that I didn't jump, it was my brother and a friend who did. I'm really scared of hights. I just went swimming around and worked on my tan, haha.

Dominic Doherty said...

Sounds good though :-)

Anonymous said...

voraussetzung, um alles zu erleben, ist natürlich, dass man so fährt, dass man am leben bleibt :-D

Dominic Doherty said...

Da hast du natürlich Recht! Aber dafür hatte ich ja einen guten Fahrlehrer! :-)

AB said...

Looks like a classy restaurant there in Tennessee

Dominic Doherty said...

It didn't look too bad, actually. Just a regular, old, roadside diner.