16 October 2010

The Road To Home

The leaves are falling from the trees
And the snow is coming, don't you know?
But I still remember which way to go
I'm on the road, the road to home

(Amy MacDonald - The Road To Home)

I've booked plane tickets and B&Bs for my Scotland trip this winter... I'll be leaving on the 17th of December and returning on the 21st. I'm looking forward to a few days in Edinburgh and one day in Glasgow... the pictures I'm gonna take... the girls, the music, and the whiskey.

Today I woke up early... it rained... however, I didn't feel like staying at home, so I drove along some of the local country lanes, looking for new locations. I came across a nice old railway bridge before stopping by in the town of Lauenburg.
1st picture: Railway bridge near Lauenburg, Germany.
2nd picture: Lauenburg, Germany.
October 2010.


Brooke said...

We have a lot of railway, road bridges, and bike trail bridges that look like that here in Ohio :) Lauenburg looks like an awesome place to sit on a small row boat and eat cheese in and drink wine. mmmm. Or even on a bench? Or be like Batman and try and climb those very pointy rooftops.

Dominic Doherty said...

Yeah, it's a great place, I'm planning to take more long exposures in Lauenburg soon.