11 May 2012

And It Stoned Me

A while ago, I mentioned that I'd like to publish a few posts about cocktails and long drinks that I love.

Today I'm going to introduce the first one to you. The bartender was kind enough to reveal the recipe to me. I was smart enough to write it down... but I was drunk enough to forget what the cocktail was called.

Simple syrup, Jim Beam straight bourbon whiskey, apple juice, and Schweppes ginger ale. Click here to learn how to make simple syrup.

You'll need a jigger, a muddler, and a shaker. The one I use most of the time is a Boston Shaker, consisting of this orange, vinyl-coated tin and the mixing glass next to it. Last but not least, there's a tall glass with four ice cubes in it.

You'll also need a lime, eight leaves of lemon balm, and a twig to garnish your cocktail.

Cut the lime in half, then cut one half into bits. Put those in the shaker tin. Add the leaves. Now add 1 cl (= 1/3 oz.) of simple syrup. If you'd like to convert cl to oz., this website might be a very helpful tool. Anyway, use the muddler to crush those leaves and the tiny bits of lime until there's no more juice left in them. 

Add 4 cl (= 1 1/3 oz.) of Jim Beam and 4 cl (= 1 1/3 oz.) of apple juice.

Add four ice cubes, put the mixing glass on top, and shake for about half a minute.

Now you don't want those tiny bits of lime in your cocktail, do you? That's why you use a strainer to strain only the liquid into your glass. Last but not least, pour ginger ale on the cocktail, and you're ready to enjoy a fine southern cocktail.

Let me know what you think about this one... it's one of my favourites - it's delicious and easy to make.

What I like about this cocktail, which has its origins in the Deep South of the United States, is that - contrary to another southern cocktail, the famous Mint Julep - it's more fruity. I've only been to the Deep South once, in 2007, but that part of the U.S. has inspired me just as much as the American Southwest. 

Click here if you'd like to find out more about Southern cocktails. Other Southern cocktails I've made at home and enjoyed are the following ones: Bufala Negra, Jimmy Dean, and Whiskey Tea Highball. This website has a lot of useful information about garnishing a cocktail. You'll find many more recipes on this site. Last but not least, click here if you'd like to learn more about mixing cocktails.

Blog post title taken from this song by Van Morrison.

Have a nice weekend!

- Dom


chiendent said...

Hum, I am getting thirsty !

JM said...

I have to try this. Cool shots!

DeeBee L. said...

Now we need some sunshine and warm temperatures to sip it outdoors...

Dominic Doherty said...

Hope you all like it!

Dominique: Yeah, we need some sunshine over here, too!

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Dominic Doherty said...

It is nice indeed. You should try it... :-)