28 May 2012

Beast Of Burden

Roy's Motel & Cafe. 
Amboy, California.
June 2009.

Blog post title taken from the song by Bette Midler, who - along with Amy MacDonald, Blondie, Cher, Joni Mitchell, Kim Carnes, Tracy Chapman, and since of late Adele - is one of my favourite female singers. 

I'm leaving for Berlin tomorrow after work. I'll return on Friday. I've got tickets for Bruce Springsteen's concert at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday. I'm planning to rent an Aprilia motor scooter on Thursday. Hopefully, the weather will be as awesome as it has been in Hamburg for about ten days now.

Have a nice week, and talk to you soon!

- Dom


joo said...

Oh, lucky you! Have fun:)

Dominic Doherty said...

You bet! I didn't get out of Hamburg too often for the last two months, so it's about time.

46mile speed said...

I love this photograph. I would like to decorate a wall.

Brooke said...

Have fun!!

Babzy said...

Enjoy ;) i'm jalous , i would have loved to see the concert !

James said...

Nice shot!

A classic sign and I've never seen it in person even though I'm from So. California. :-)

Dominic Doherty said...

Thanks very much for your comments, ladies and gentlemen! :-)