07 August 2010

At My Most Beautiful

The following picture was exposed for 790 seconds at F/18; ISO 1000. The building isn't illuminated at night (except for during Christmas) - all the light comes from street lamps and the night sky. That's the reason why I chose a higher ISO number than usually (I prefer to shoot at ISO 50 or ISO 100), along with the fact that I need to get my sensor cleaned professionally before / if I go on holiday in England.

Click here to check out what this place looked like during Christmas time last year. Both times I was lucky that a car drove through this tiny street, which adds some nice lights.

I've mentioned it in the paragraph above - "if" I go on holiday in England. The third week of digging is over, and I've signed up for another week. I might add a fifth week. Then I'm gonna take a week off which will be dedicated to writing an essay which I gotta hand in early next month. My best friend's going to be in the area too, so we might do some stuff together. I definitely want to work some more weeks at the excavation site (preferably beginning early in September until right before the start of the winter semester), so I might postpone my planned vacation to another semester break.

As much as it is a shame that I won't be going on one of the road trips that I love so much this year, I think it's a great sign that working as an archaeologist is more important to me than going on holiday... this is the best proof that I've chosen the right job for myself.

Have a great weekend, and (hopefully) gorgeous weather.

- Dom


Brooke said...

When work is better than play you know you've done the right thing :) plus too even if it does get tiring at least you can go to sleep knowing you took one more step forward. Going on holidays all the time is awesome until you have to go back home... then you just want to plan for the next one so nothing ever really gets done lol. At least, that's how it's been for me.

P.S. I'm lovin the picture. Especially the capture of stars you got in the corner :) It looks so crisp.

Anonymous said...

das photo ist klasse und wäre ich dein vater, wäre ich stolz auf dich.


Dominic Doherty said...

Thanks so much Brooke. And yeah, I know what you're talking about... there's much too many things to do in one lifetime, and unfortunately that's the only one we got. So we gotta make the best out of it ;-)

Danke dir vielmals Manfred! Das ist ein großes Kompliment :-)