22 August 2010

Edge Of The World

Rügen, Germany. August 2010.

1st picture: 15 seconds; F/10; ISO 100
2nd picture: 30 seconds; F/22; ISO 50
3rd picture: 6 seconds; F/22; ISO 50

In my opinion, Rügen is not only the most beautiful spot in Germany, but amongst the most picturesque in all of Continental Europe. I'm gonna have to exclude the UK of course, because there's some beaches in Dorset which outshine those of Rügen. The Baltic Sea is in the background. The chalk cliffs have been made famous all over Europe by 18th century German Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich.

If you want to visit Rügen, I suggest you watch the sunrise down by the cliffs. Listening to the best album for driving in the dark, Bat Out Of Hell, I left home around midnight and arrived in the parking lot closest to the cliffs just before five o'clock on Saturday. You can walk along the coast for many miles without seeing another person.

Have a nice weekend!

- Dom


AB said...

Great light in these photos. And the rock piles in the first work really well as a focus of attention.

donnie said...

fabulous place - gorgeous light - great beach art - all beautifully captured - worth the drive :))

Brooke said...

Gorgeous photos! I like the one with the rocks stacked up into small towers the most :) did you do that? So it took 4 hours to drive there? Gorgeous lighting though and I can even tell the clouds were moving a steady speed :]

Everything seems so picturesque over there lol.

Dominic Doherty said...

Thanks a lot y'all!

Donnie: A little too far away for you, but you got beach art over there too; it reminded me of a picture or two that you've taken on Skye.

Brooke: No I didn't make those, but I couldn't resist taking a picture :-) Gotta come over here ;-)

rockmetoharmony said...

Yes.. the song is awesome.
And yes, I've heard Rambling man and yes, the solo acoustic version is brilliant.


LUMAHO said...

wunderbare bilder, sehr sanfte, schöne farben.

das hat sich gelohnt !!!

Dominic Doherty said...

Moa: Just had to mention it, because I'm a missionary of good music :-)

Manfred: Danke vielmals für dein Lob!