09 October 2011

Down To The River

Richmond, London, UK.
June 2011.
One of my favourite 
places in my old hometown.

Take me down
Down to the river
Down to the river

Hold my hand
Down to the river
Down to the river, Lord

(Ray LaMontagne - Down To The River)


Jenny Woolf said...

I love the view of the river from the top of Richmond Hill

Dominic Doherty said...

So do I! Richmond Hill and Richmond Park (especially Isabella Plantation) were my favourite places to walk our dog.
We used to live in Richmond until 2008. Then my parents split up; my father moved to Bracknell to be closer to work and my mother moved to Germany, her native country.
That same year, I also moved to Germany - new experiences, new friends, etc. - I would like to live in other countries as well... Canada and Sweden would be great - I do plan on coming back one day though... buy a house in the countryside... Cornwall or Devon would be great places to raise a family.

AB said...

I used to live near there, so I love the nostalgic tones of this shot.

Dominic Doherty said...

Thank you!
The weather wasn't too good... but it was good enough to have a beer at Stein's :-)