21 October 2011

When The System Has Fallen

Polaroid taken in the churchyard
Richmond, UK. 2007.

I know that you are tired and weary
Seen too much to believe any more
But we have to keep moving down that long road
If we want to reach that far shore

We're on our way home to find our freedom
And I'm on my way home to find you my friend
Where we can stand in the light of the people
And breathe life into the land again

(Johnny Clegg - When The System Has Fallen)

I've been interested in politics since my teens, especially when it comes to topics such as conflicts and wars, environmental issues and the problems of third world countries. 
I've been following the Arab Uprising since the first day. I'm conservative and I believe in all that we (the western world) stand for - values such as democracy, equal rights and freedom of speech. Freedom is the most important thing... freedom to do and talk about and think just what you please. 
Everyone should get a fair chance in life... if they fuck it up, it's their own fault... but if they never get one, that's just not right. 
This is the reason why I've been happy to see the people of many Arab countries rise against their regimes. The children of those people who have fought for liberty now have a brighter future ahead of them than their parents did.
On the 20nd of October, 2011, the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi met his demise after 42 years in charge of the country. Libya, like Egypt and Tunisia, now has a chance at democracy, and I really hope they won't end up like just another banana republic with a military government. 


- Dom


Siddhartha Joshi said...

I completely agree Dominic, I can't imagine life without freedom and feel blessed that I get to lead one.

All my best wishes to the people in the middle East and Africa who are getting a taste of it now. Its also dangerous for someone who has never had it, I use they use it well and move forward.

Carla said...

hi dom, just found your blog. Such great news about Libya. So thrilled for the people. I am enjoying your photos. CArla

Dominic Doherty said...

Siddhartha: My thoughts exactly... You said it so well.

Carla: Thank you... Welcome to my blog! :-)

Brooke said...

When I saw that photo, I thought I saw a weeping angel from Dr. Who D: