02 October 2011

The River Knows Your Name

Gorges du Tarn, France.
September 2011.

Oh the river knows your name
And your tears falling like the rain
All around you suffering and pain
Oh the river knows your name

And the river hears you cry
As the lightning cracks the open sky
As your momma sings a lullaby
Oh the river she knows why

Let the river wash you down
Beneath the surface with a rushing sound
Like a freight train passing through a town
Let the river wash you down

Let the river take away
All the words you and I could never say
In the silence darling let us pray
Let the river take it all away

The song above has always been one of my favourite songs. I just love the melancholy, the wonderful guitar, and Hiatt's voice.

Enjoy your evening.

- Dom


moi said...

they are ancient coins from la india!
haha and no, it doesn't say Stockholm, it says Rhythm, Baby.
and thank youuu, and it's awesome that your dad had a pair too! i think my grandpa did aswell.
they're really comfy.

and also, awesome photos you've made, once again.

Dominic Doherty said...

Hahah, I had to guess! Everything but "m, Baby" was covered by the necklace and "Stockholm" was the first thing that came to my mind. :-)

Thank you so much :-)