23 October 2011

I Can Never Be What You Want Me To Be

Rye, East Sussex, UK.
June 2011.

You know I love you but I am shaking inside
I know I'm not going to leave here alive

I have sailed this impossible ocean
I have sailed this crazy sea
I can never be what you want,
whatever you want me to be

There is a spirit rising against
what I have become
I have to come out and choose to stay
or make my run

(Johnny Clegg)

I love England. Rye has always been one of my favourite places in the country. We often went there and I have fond memories of walking my dog on Winchelsea Beach.
One of the best things about the European Union is the right to free movement and residence. I'd love to live and work in other European countries (Denmark and Sweden, that is). Canada and Iceland as well as Israel are countries outside the EU that I would love to live in. Ultimately, however, I may end up living somewhere in Cornwall or Devon. It might not happen before I'm retired, but it sure sounds like a nice thing to me.
Anyway, what I'm saying is that England is awesome, and those of you who haven't been there yet should forget about the negative things you've been hearing about in the news or reading about elsewhere, such as the recent riots, the teenage pregnancy rates (do you remember little Alfie and his scrubber girlfriend?), the knife attacks, the chavs, the pikeys, the scousers, and an awful lot more. Instead, visit the country and be free of prejudice, for there is so much beauty to be found everywhere.

Have a great day.

- Dom


Brooke said...

I totally agree!! There are going to be bad things everywhere and as long as you go to the right places, you're fine. And keep yourself armed with SOMETHING ;D

*karate chop moves*

DeeBee L. said...

It's quite a declaration of love!
I think it's valid for any place as we tend to focus on the bad -seems to be a trend!- but there always a lot of good things about a country and its culture! May be the media are to be blamed to emphasize on the negative bits-but it makes them sale!
Cornwall is a splendid region of the UK, it's wild and genuine (well, not everywhere but in most places!) so it's a good choice i would say! :)

Dominic Doherty said...

I don't worry about myself. I'm a cautious guy and I'm fast when I have to be.

It is! :-) Of course they are... most publishing companies and television channels wouldn't flinch from doing anything just to sell more newspapers or to improve their viewing figures. It's a shame but it's the truth.
I love the coast around Bude, Cornwall. There's so many outdoor activities, e.g. climbing, horse riding, shoreline kayaking.

T. Becque said...

I will go here someday...

Dominic Doherty said...

And I'm looking forward to your pictures, Trisha!